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“Lucky 7” Vegetable Chop Suey


The New Year is often an auspicious time to eat food that brings good luck, but why not invoke luck at any time of year? In your Local Farm Box this week are several vegetables that are traditionally known for bringing luck and prosperity such as squash, peas and beas,...

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Farm To Table Experience


Concerned with recent record rainfall and wide-spread flooding throughout the Southwest of Louisiana, our intrepid Chef Richard Jones risked life & limb heading towards the Delta….this is his story behind Farm to Table Experience conference in New Orleans. Moreover…”how did I get in this line at the airport?” and “ where did all...

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Smokin’ Succotash


Succotash is the English word for a Narragansett word for “broken corn” or corn kernels off the cob. Today, we refer to this dish as having corn, beans or peas, an assortment of colorful vegetables, and some sort of cured meat such as bacon or ham. In place of the...

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Dispatch from the Okra Patch

Green Door Gourmet Owner Sylvia Ganier tells all about a favorite southern crop.

Green Door Gourmet Owner Sylvia Ganier tells all about this southern staple. This morning as I was out picking okra, I was thinking how much okra is a bit like certain folks I know. Just like some people have a showy side that draws you to them, okra has a similar quality. The plant...

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(National dish of Brazil) [pronounced fay-ZHWA-dah]   This hearty meat & bean stew (mostly meat!) is traditionally made with off-cuts of meat such as trotters, ears & tails brined & soaked overnight and then cooked very slowly in a large earthen pot. I have reduced this down to create a simplified version that...

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This is a surprisingly awesome recipe. That is all.   20 large Malabar Spinach leaves ½ Cup Rice Flour 1 teaspoon ground Coriander 1 teaspoon Chili Powder ¼ teaspoon ground Turmeric 1 teaspoon Tandoori Powder ½ teaspoon Salt Hepp’s Curry Salt, for finishing Oil for deep frying Makes about 20 fritters. Remove leaves form stems and rinse and then dry in a...

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This is adapted from a Russian recipe that is used as a spread on sandwiches, or simply on bread or crackers for a “plowman’s lunch” with cured meats, cheeses & pickles. I prefer to keep the vegetables chunky rather than a thick paste as is commonly found, and serve this...

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Summer Local Farm Box Recipes

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SUMMER CORN CHOWDER A traditional chowder has a base of rich & comforting béchamel that creates a very thick & warming base to construct a winter soup usually featuring seafood (clam) or corn. This version is much lighter for a cooler summer-time evening yet has all the flavor and appeal without...

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Many make-at-home Tater Tot recipes call for lots of ingredients and techniques and fuss that usually is not worth all the effort – not when you can just buy a bag of them pre-fried and then simply bake them off in the oven, right? Well here is a recipe that...

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Salmon and chard pasta pic

This dish cooks quite quickly so it is best to have all the ingredients ready to add to the pan before beginning to cook. You can combine onion, fennel & pepper together but keep the chard & tomato separate as these will go in at slightly different times. The smoke,...

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