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This preserve has delicious hints of Rose and Violet along with the Lavender and Strawberry complexity of flavor. Serve with Scones and fresh whipped cream or as an accompaniment for fine cheese; perfect for pancakes, waffles, French Toast and brunch items. Be sure to have at least a 6 Quart...

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Asparagus Radish Salad w lemon oil

1 bunch Asparagus 1 bunch Radish, leaves & roots washed and trimmed 1 Lemon, zested ¼ Cup Blended Oil Salt & Pepper Lemon Salt, for garnish Oven 425F convection fan on To make lemon oil simply heat oil in a small saucepan with zest until moderately warm. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature and strain...

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Spring Lamb 2015

 (overnight recipe) A rack of lamb is usually served at special occasions and especially nice at springtime paired with early season crops such as radish, onion, tender greens, asparagus and peas. This salad would also make a great picnic item paired with a cheaper cut of lamb such as leg steaks...

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Strawberry Apple Chard Pie 2

A super easy and delicious way to use up your perfectly picked Strawberries that highlight their sweet & tart flavor! This is a fun twist on Strawberry Rhubarb Pie- different in taste but a similar look & texture when cooked. Interestingly, the first bite is really when the earthy flavor...

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First Flower Workshops of the Year! – Crew Corner

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Hello from the flower department! This past Sunday, in partnership with A Village of Flowers, we hosted our first flower workshops of the season. We got to know some really great attendees who received excellent floral design instruction from A Village of Flowers, got to take a walking tour of our...

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Ramp Rampantly!

Ramp Pico

RAMP PICO 2 pounds Tomato, about 4 medium slicer or 8 plum 2 ounces fresh Ramp, about 10 or 12 each, rinsed & peeled 2 Tablespoons fresh Lime Juice 2 -3 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil ½ teaspoon Salt Use a very sharp knife to dice tomato into small dice, ¼ inch or pea-size. Sprinkle with...

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Triple Apple Costata

This recipe utilizes preserved fall apples in a rustic dessert that is perfect for an early spring afternoon treat. It is simple to prepare but requires some previous experience handling pie dough as the hazelnut pieces can make the dough crack at the edges when rolling and handling. Apple butter...

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Bonnets, Bunnies, and Fighting Easter Eggs


Miss Bright lived up the road from our farm. She was a wonderful lady who had the gift of making bonnets. I remember going to her house, usually on Good Friday, to get Easter bonnets. This endeavor was a good example of the unspoken rule of country commerce. Here was...

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Field Trips With Kate – Crew Corner


Hi all! This is Kate Compton, the education coordinator at Green Door. I do many things here on the farm – organic certification paperwork, apply for grants, run our stand at farmers’ markets, and help out in the fields – but my main job is to coordinate field trips. If...

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Canned Canapes

Canned Canapes 2

Putting last Summers “put up” bounty to use in late Winter is very gratifying- the hard work of sowing, nurturing, harvesting, preparing & canning through a limited growing opportunity that culminates with a taste of the Sun when it is grey outside!  Although perfectly suited to soups, stews and slow...

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