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Week 11 CSA Recipes


Chilled Tomato Soup

(overnight recipe)

3 pounds Heirloom Tomato = about 4 Cups “juice”

4 teaspoons Sherry Vinegar

4 teaspoons Sugar

4 teaspoons Salt

1 or 2 Avocado

1 Lime, for juicing

Hepp’s Flavored Salt for garnish

Olea Extra Virgin Olive Oil for garnish

Chilled Tomato Soup prep

Core Tomatoes and chop into roughly ½ inch dice. Use a food mill to crush the flesh and separate skin and seeds. (If not using a food mill, skin and seed Tomato and then chop flesh finely saving any juices to incorporate together) For each Cup of “juice” add a teaspoon each of Vinegar, Sugar and Salt. Allow to chill overnight in a glass bowl to develop flavor. For each serving, slice Avocado in half and remove the pit and then use a large spoon to remove the flesh- place upside down in a shallow soup bowl. Pour Tomato soup around the Avocado without overfilling and then garnish with a squeeze of Lime Juice and Hepp’s flavored salt, such as 7-Fire Smoked, and pour EVO around. Serve with a fork & spoon.



Miso Broiled Eggplant

2 or 3 Japanese Eggplant

6 or more teaspoons Yellow Miso paste

Soy Sauce for dipping

Rinse Eggplant and slice in half lengthwise – if rather curly, it may be easier to slice into 2 crosswise sections first. Use a butter knife to smear the cut sides with about a teaspoon of Miso from end to end, not quite as thickly plastered as you would for Peanut Butter! Pre-heat an oven broiler and place Eggplant on a baking sheet under the heat for about 8-10 minutes. Watch carefully and move the pieces around if needed to evenly broil and create some colored texture to the Miso. Remove from broiler and serve immediately with Soy Sauce or Tamari for dipping.



Mustard & Panko Leeks

1 bunch small Leeks

1- 2 Tablespoons Crooked Condiments Gaelic Ale Mustard

1/3 Cup toasted Breadcrumbs, Panko or Italian

1 Tablespoon Butter

¼ Cup White Wine

Oven 350F

Remove dark green leaves and root end of each Leek and split down the middle lengthwise beginning from about an inch from the bottom so as to keep partially together. Rinse well under running water, separating the leaves gently to remove any grit. When clean slice completely in half. Grease with Butter a baking dish big enough to fit Leeks in a single layer, about 9 x 9 inches. Use a butter knife to spread each cut side with Mustard and place cut side up in baking dish. Pour in Wine – it should cover the base of dish, add a little more if it doesn’t. Sprinkle the top with Breadcrumbs (I used some Twin Forks Bread that I made crumbs out of!) and use a little PanSpray to coat. Cover with foil and bake for 25 minutes. Uncover and finish under a broiler to crisp up Breadcrumbs. Serve with sautéed white fish, such as Halibut, and broiled Tomatoes!



Piped Purple Potatoes

(overnight recipe)

2 ½ pounds “Blue Magic” Potatoes

¾ Cup Heavy Cream

1 Tablespoon Butter

1 teaspoon Salt

½ teaspoon White Pepper

1 Egg

Oven 375F

Boil Potatoes whole in their skins in salted water until soft. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature in the cooking water and then store in refrigerator overnight. This will enhance the purple coloring! One hour before service, scrape the skins off and “rice” the potatoes with a food mill, or use a grater so that there are no large lumps. There should be about 4 Cups. Heat Cream with Butter and seasoning. Whisk Egg and Potatoes together and then add warmed seasoned Cream. Transfer to a piping bag fitted with a large star tip and pipe onto a greased baking sheet in a spirals gradually coming to a tip an inch or so high- taller if the potato is not too soft! Bake at 375F for 25 minutes so that the outside is slightly golden and the inside hot and fluffy. Makes 10 or 12 medium size, but you can make smaller ones for a bite size treat! (less oven time for smaller)


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