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Farmer Visits

Can’t come to us? Let us come to you!

Farmer Visits are a fun new addition to our education program! Our farmers are flexible in what we can offer at this time. If you have a topic in mind that you don’t see here, just ask! If you have a school garden, we can use the space to do more hands-on activities as well.

$75/hour for up to 30 students (one GDG Farmer) | $125/hour for up to 60 students (two GDG Farmers). Please inquire about larger groups or speaking for school assemblies.

Book a farmer visit by emailing kate@greendoorgourmet.com. Please provide three options for dates and the programming you’d prefer.


Elementary Farmer Visits are one-hour programs best for a classroom or garden setting. To see detailed descriptions of each activity, please reference our field trip info packet (link to download).

20 minute activities (pick three per hour)
Life cycle of a vegetable
Plan a garden
Good bugs and bad bugs
Farm technology (internet access and projector required)
Sundials and cardinal directions

30 minute activities (pick two per hour)
Weather station (best if we have outdoor access)
Taste test
Bees to birthday candles
Farmers market


Middle + High school:
We are able to present on topics such as

– how we grow our produce, from seeding in our greenhouse to harvesting and packaging for delivery
– the life cycle of a certain crop (most schools are interested in strawberries — especially great if you can then bring students out to our pick-your-own strawberry patch in May)
– building healthy soil through cover crops, compost, and crop rotation
– beekeeping / why pollinators are important
– garden planning
– farm tools and technology
– concerns of our current food systems and how we can participate to make a change
– culinary demonstrations using our fresh produce