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Your Holiday

Gift Guide

Whether it's a stocking stuffer, a gift from Santa or a little bit of everything in a fun, curated themed basket, we've got you covered!

Here are some of our staff favorites for your shopping inspiration!

For The Snack Lovers:

small cheeseboard.jpg

Custom cheese boards? We've got you! 

large cheeseboard.jpg

For The Honey Lovers:

honey collectino 2.jpg

Our farm-grown sorghum!


For The Cocktail Lovers:


For The Candle Lovers:

sweet tea candle set.jpg

Like a lot of different farm market items but can't decide? 

Create a custom gift bag or basket with your favorites!

tea towels.jpg
appalchian roots gift basket.jpg
gift basket 1.JPG

For any questions or if you need help creating a custom gift basket, please call us at 615-942-7169 or email

We hope to hear from you!