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Green Door Gourmet

Community Night Market

Merchant Guidelines & Policies

Vendor Benefits: 

● A welcoming, diverse community of local vendors and supporters 

● Each vendor (except Food Trucks) will be offered an indoor booth & provided one (1) table

● Free designated parking for all vendors and guests 

● Easy reservations! Commit to the whole season or select specific dates when applying

● Option to be a visiting vendor (perfect for artisans who participate in regional shows)

● Options to pay in full or monthly 


How to Apply: 

● Review the 2021 GDGFM Application Guidelines and Policies in full before applying.

● Create a profile on 

● Upload the required documents as listed in the application. 

● Answer all questions and select the dates you plan to retail. 

● Review your application (incomplete applications will not be considered). 


GDGFM management may request additional information, a site visit, a meeting and/or product samples if we are considering you for approval. Applicants will receive a notification of the application status upon review by GDGFM management. Applications will be approved or declined as evaluated by the GDGFM management team, based on criteria including, but not limited to: 

● The needs of the market, including product mix; 

● Farming practices (for farm businesses); 

● Product quality and fit; 

● Market-readiness; 

● Vendor schedule. 


GDGFM Management: GDGFM management is responsible for administering and enforcing all Market rules, policies and procedures, as well as ensuring public safety, assigning booths, and managing market logistics. Management is instructed to handle and resolve any issues that may arise during a market day. All GDGFM management have authority to resolve issues in a civil and efficient manner. 

Insurance: All approved vendors must carry insurance for general liability and property damage, as well as product liability coverage, in an amount not less than $1 million. The policy shall name Green Door Gourmet as additional insured and shall maintain all other coverage as required by law. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance must be emailed to the GDGFM management team upon approval. If insurance expires during the season, the farmer or producer must provide a copy of the renewed insurance policy at the time of policy expiration. 


Licenses/Permits: Vendors must certify that they maintain and will readily provide business licenses, sales tax certificates and all other applicable documents to their business such as Health Department inspections and Department of Agriculture certificates if requested by GDGFM. All products must comply with local, state, and/or federal health ordinances, and applying farmers and producers must provide documentation of compliance as required when submitting the application. 


Vendor Types: Approval to retail is subject to the evaluation of the management team. Only applicants that meet the following merchant standards and eligibility criteria will be considered for approval. 

● Farmer: person who makes or intends to make a substantial portion of his or her income from producing permitted farm products and who must demonstrate ownership or leasehold rights to the land being farmed during the entire growing season, or must have use rights pursuant to the government-sponsored or nonprofit training program whose purpose is to aid farmers and their endeavors. The farmer/producer merchant may include family members and may consist of a 

corporation, partnership or collective, provided that the person holding the largest number of shares in the corporation meets all farmer/producer standards. The farmer/producer must possess all required permits and/or licenses and must submit a completed application specifying the permitted and supplemental farm products the applicant wishes to sell at the market. 

● Food Artisan: person who prepares and produces a high-quality, distinctive food and/or beverage product in small quantities, usually by hand or by using traditional methods in accordance with the definition of and standards for permitted merchandise. The artisan must possess all required permits and/or licenses, submit a completed application, and document the location of the kitchen where the applicant(s) will be producing, packaging, and labeling the permitted products. Permitted merchandise includes: baked goods (breads, pastries, cobblers, etc.); cheese and related dairy products; confectionary products; brewed and/or fermented products; beverages (lemonade, juice, etc.); dog and cat treats; jams and jellies; salsa, sauces, and other condiments; herbs, spices and oil blends; tea, coffee, cocoa and other bottled or dry packed beverages; and other packaged and prepared foods upon review and approval by the executive director. Consideration will be prioritized for applicants who exhibit originality, skill, mastery, talent or great potential to make exceptional products. 

● Craftsperson: person who designs and produces individually handcrafted items in accordance with the definition of and standards for permitted merchandise. The craftsperson must possess all required permits and or licenses and submit an application demonstrating the location of the studio or workshop where the applicant(s) will be producing the permitted products. Permitted merchandise must be a handmade article or item that resulted from combining a variety of materials, creative energy and skill, including: bath and body products; candles and wax products; glass, pottery and ceramics; handmade clothing and other fabrics; leather, yarn, or woven articles; pre-made fabric with hand-painted, airbrushed, tie-dyed or appliquéd surface design; original print production/reproduction; handmade stationary and paper products; jewelry and beading; metalwork and woodcraft; painting, sculpture or other original artwork; photography with or without handmade presentation; found, recycled and pre-existing objects as elements of products; hands-on experiences (face painting, design/art studio, weaving, etc.); or other crafted products upon review and approval by the executive director. Consideration will be prioritized for applicants who exhibit originality, skill, mastery, talent or great potential to make exceptional products. 

● Food Truck or Cart: vehicle or cart equipped to cook and sell food and/or beverages. Some, including ice cream trucks, sell frozen or prepackaged food; others have on-board kitchens and prepare food from scratch. The market offers limited availability for Food Trucks and street food carts to participate at the market. A food truck or cart must possess all required permits and or licenses, submit a merchant application specifying the menu and products that the applicant wishes to sell at the market. 


● $50 per day for farm and food artisan vendors 

● $75 per day for craft and all nonfood vendors 

● $100 per day for Food Trucks 

● $50 Fine for non-compliance, no-shows or late cancellations 

Vendor Booth Placement: GDGFM will try to accommodate vendor location preferences when making rental space assignments. However, the exact location of rental spaces that will be assigned to and reserved for particular vendors will be determined based on the vendor type and the spaces available at the sole discretion of GDGFM management. At the full discretion of GDGFM management, all vendors are subject to being reassigned different rental spaces in any location at any time. 


Farm Visits and Inspections: All farmers and producers are subject to periodic farm or business visits and inspections. GDGFM representatives may visit any farm or establishment used by its farmer or producers during normal business hours (8 a.m.–5 p.m.) to verify compliance with the producer-only requirement. Such inspections may or may not be announced. The farmer or producer must provide any help necessary to thoroughly document the establishment or property being inspected along with the products being brought to market and/or listed in the annual application. Failure to permit a farm visit or inspection of an establishment used for processing product(s) may result in lease suspension or termination. 

Marketing and Social Media: GDGFM uses its marketing and social media to support the events and operations of the farm and its programs including the GDGFM. As independent businesses, vendors are expected to execute their own positive marketing and social media plans. GDGFM management uses marketing funds and assets, ads, newsletters, blogs and social media at their discretion. 

Advance Payment: All vendors must make payment in advance using the online payment portal to confirm your reservation and booth placement. It is the vendor’s responsibility to remain in good standing. Failure to remit payment in advance of your reservation violates the policies of GDGFM and will result in suspension. No cash payments will be accepted. Credit/debit payments can be made online in advance for the full season or monthly. 

Reservation Cancellation, No-Shows & Refund Requests: Upon approval of the vendor’s 2021 market dates, the vendor accepts responsibility for each approved market date. NO requests for refunds or credits will be provided unless accompanied by written approval from GDGFM management. Additionally, no-shows will forfeit the space rental fee and be charged a $50 fine if a no-show occurs a second time and will also be subject to suspension. 


Market Day Hours of Operation: GDGFM has the authority to change the market hours at any time. The Market will be held rain or shine. In the event of closure due to severe weather, GDGFM will post a closure notice to vendors and the public. 


Vendor Set Up and Break Down: Vendors should be set up by 15 minutes before the start of each market and sell for the duration of the market day. Vendors are not permitted to break down and leave the market during the market hours of operation unless approved in advance by GDGFM. Each vendor 

is required to stop selling at the close of the market and have everything loaded for removal one hour after the close of the market. Each vendor must leave his or her selling area clean and in orderly condition. All refuse and unsold goods must be removed from the market area by the vendor. All boxes and trash from each vendor must be removed and transported by the vendor. Onsite trash disposal is not provided. 

Vendors must stay within boundaries of his or her rented, assigned space(s). The placement of merchandise or other items in the aisles or anywhere outside the rented space(s) is prohibited. Blocking a roadway for loading/unloading is strictly prohibited. 


Parking: All vendors are required to park in designated, permitted areas when participating at the Market. 

Merchandising: Vendors are encouraged to utilize Market best practices when designing their retail booth, including: 

● Line up table edges with aisles so that customers can get as close to your table as possible.

● If you have an established customer base and need more space, consider adding a stall and/or a U-shaped set-up. 

● Always use as much table frontage as you can. 

● If you plan to sample, utilize the center of your table or set-up to maximize table space.

● Keep your displays full and always keep the “pile-it-high” method in mind: the more full your display, the more you sell. 

● Tilt or tier your produce, boxes and baskets to create levels and a tumbling effect.

● Use elevated bushel baskets, crates, etc. for easy access and handling. 

● If you are on a corner, angle your tables to invite customers into the aisle. 

● Conceal storage under tables. 

● Restock after morning rush and keep your tables balanced, neat and full. 

● Consider how to draw attention using color contrast with decor, linens and products.

● Display at a convenient height — never on the ground or above eye level. 

● Review your product signage frequently to ensure that it is easy to read and appealing to customers. 

● Show off your farm, kitchen, studio, workshop, etc. with photos on your signs, in a display book or on your promotional materials. 

● Give your customers reasons to buy more products using sales and promotions, recipes, added-value items, etc. 


Vendors should maintain professional merchandising by using tablecloths, properly disposing of waste, displaying prices, and ensuring that their merchandise and decorations are secure (will not blow away, etc.). Vendors must maintain cleanliness in their booths and, unless otherwise approved, remove all merchandise and equipment after each day. 


Signage: Vendors are required to display signage of their company name in their booth. Pricing must be listed by type/weight (price sheet, signs or priced on item) throughout each market day. Vendors are not allowed to tape or wrap signs to the walls or fixtures in the buildings. A-frame signs must be contained within the rented space. All signage must be wind-resistant and appropriate for an outdoor marketplace (no poster board or loose paper). 


Customer Service: Vendors are required to provide excellent customer service to all customers when retailing at GDGFM. Be ready on time; greet each customer (learn names when possible); be respectful, knowledgeable and positive when interacting with customers; acknowledge waiting customers; and be aware of how long they are waiting to be checked out (add staff to your booth to speed up customer service if necessary). Engage customers with added-value products, recipes and samples. 


Tents: Any approved outdoor vendor may use a 10’ x 10’ tent. Tents must be in good condition, have straight legs and only advertise individual merchant logos (no other logos such as college or professional teams are allowed). Tents must be weighted with 20 lbs. on each leg. Since tent weights must be attached to each leg, concrete blocks are not acceptable. Tents must be taken down and taken off site at the end of each day. Tarps utilized as tents or tent walls are strictly prohibited. 

Market Property: No signs, banners, nails, screws or advertising material may be placed on any building, walls, or doors without written approval from GDGFM management. Hanging or attaching anything to gutters and downspouts of the buildings is prohibited. Hanging or attaching anything to the rafters is prohibited unless the merchant has received approval from GDGFM management. 


Electricity: Electrical outlet use is permitted, as available, when space is rented provided that the user complies with all of the following requirements: 

● Only one heavy-duty, undamaged UL-listed extension cord may be used per electrical outlet.

● Extension cords, power strips and surge protectors must be provided by the merchant and must be secured at all times in a manner that does not create a public safety hazard.

● Cords and power strips may NOT be placed in walkways. 

● Outlets are 110 volts and 20 amps. 


Coolers/Freezers: Vendors who are utilizing coolers and freezers within their space must ensure their equipment is compatible with the electricity requirements of GDGFM. Temperature monitors or alert systems are recommended. GDGFM is not liable for lost product due to equipment damage, power outages or any other circumstances. 

After-Hours Entry: ONLY authorized persons will be permitted to enter after hours. For entry onto the property after hours, each individual must contact GDGFM. 

Prohibited Items: Selling any of the following is strictly prohibited: 

● Items that violate federal, state, or local laws 

● Stolen or counterfeit items 

● Medications of any type 

● Live animals 

● Weapons (anything manifestly designed, made or adapted for the purpose of inflicting death or serious bodily injury; or anything that in the manner of its intended use is capable of causing death or serious bodily injury) 

● Items that, at the sole determination of GDGFM management, could be found objectionable by a reasonable person (such as items that condone, depict, or display nudity, racism, sexism, etc.) 


Smoking and Vaping: Smoking and vaping are prohibited on GDGFM grounds. 


Pets: Leashed pets and service animals are permitted in designated areas. Vendors are not permitted to bring domestic pets to the market during the vendor’s retail operating hours. 


Soliciting: Soliciting is prohibited without written authorization from GDGFM management. 6


Inclement Weather Policy: GDGFM is open rain or shine, and failure to attend on poor weather days will count towards your total absences and impact decisions for future market acceptance. GDGFM management will make decisions to alter market times based on weather reports and on-site market conditions if necessary. It is the authority of GDGFM management staff to close the market early, open the market late or cancel a market day due to severe or inclement weather. During inclement weather events, it is up to the individual vendors to weigh factors and make a decision about whether or not to attend market that day. Absences due to severe or hazardous weather (not just rain) will not count against market attendance records. Refunds and credits will not be provided for inclement weather closure. 

Vendor Conduct: GDGFM management staff members expect all vendors and their staff to conduct themselves in a manner that contributes to a positive shopping experience for our customers. This includes (but is not limited to): not idling your engine, not playing loud music, refraining from smoking, properly securing your tent/canopy/umbrella, rule compliance, and customer service. Your staff should be well versed in the products they are selling and provide positive customer service to ensure a pleasant shopping experience. We ask that vendors not leave their booths unattended during market hours. If you are working alone and need a break, please ask a neighbor to fill in for you. Additionally, common courtesy and respect are essential to the success of the Market and its merchants. GDGFM management expects market participants to be honest and to conduct themselves in a courteous and friendly manner with other market participants, staff, service providers and shoppers. Inappropriate conduct or language toward other vendors, customers, or management — whether in person or by electronic media — will not be tolerated and may be grounds for immediate termination and dismissal from the Market. 

COVID-19: Vendors understand the risks of COVID-19. Vendors understand the risks of contracting the COVID-19 through social events or gathering. Vendors are expected to obey the current COVID-19 policies set by GDGFM Management. Vendors accept the risks they hold when participating in the GDG Farmer's Market and agrees to not hold the property or its management liable. GDGFM follows all current local, state and federal regulations.

Harassment-Free Workplace: The following is applicable to all vendors and their staffs, GDGFM staff, service providers and community members. Anyone who experiences harassment is encouraged to report the incident to GDGFM. Any vendor found to be violating this policy is subject to penalties, including possible suspension or expulsion from the Market. GDGFM is committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunities and prohibits unlawful discriminatory practices, including harassment. Therefore, GDGFM expects that all relationships will be businesslike and free of bias, prejudice and harassment. It is the policy of GDGFM to ensure equal employment opportunity without discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, immigration status, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty or status as a covered veteran. GDGFM prohibits any such discrimination or harassment. 

GDGFM encourages reporting of all perceived incidents of discrimination or harassment. It is the policy of GDGFM to promptly and thoroughly investigate such reports. GDGFM prohibits retaliation against any individual who reports discrimination or harassment or who participates in an investigation of such reports. 

Definitions of Harassment: Sexual harassment constitutes discrimination and is illegal under federal, state and local laws. For the purposes of this policy, sexual harassment is defined, as in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Guidelines, as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when, for example: 

A) Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual's employment 

B) Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individuals 

C) Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment. 


Sexual harassment may include a range of subtle and not-so-subtle behaviors and may involve individuals of the same or different genders. Depending on the circumstances, these behaviors may include unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favors; sexual jokes and innuendo; verbal abuse of a sexual nature; commentary about an individual's body, sexual prowess or sexual deficiencies; leering, whistling or touching; insulting or obscene comments or gestures; display in the workplace of sexually suggestive objects or pictures; and other physical, verbal or visual conduct of a sexual nature. 


Harassment on the basis of any other protected characteristic is also strictly prohibited. Under this policy, harassment is verbal, written or physical conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual because of his/her race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, immigration status or citizenship, age, disability, marital status, genetic information, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law or that of his/her relatives, friends or associates, and that: a) has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment; b) has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance; or c) otherwise adversely affects an individual's employment opportunities. 


Harassing conduct includes epithets, slurs or negative stereotyping; threatening, intimidating or hostile acts; denigrating jokes; and written or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual or group and that is placed on walls or elsewhere on the employer's premises or circulated in the workplace, on company time or using company equipment via e-mail, phone (including voice messages), text messages, tweets, blogs, social networking sites or other means. 


These policies apply to all applicants’ employees and markets where GDGFM operates. Whether related to conduct engaged in by fellow employees or someone not directly connected to GDGFM (e.g., an outside vendor, consultant or customer). 


Conduct prohibited by these policies is unacceptable in the workplace and in any work-related setting outside the workplace, such as during business trips, business meetings and business-related social events. 

Agreement & Penalties 

By submitting an application, vendors agree that they have read all 2021 Green Door Gourmet Farmers’ Market Rules & Guidelines and agree to adhere to all policies outlined in the document. 

Violations and Penalties: Violations or failure to comply with GDGFM policies will result in a $50 fine for the first instance. All violations of GDGFM rules, policies, or directives constitute a breach of license to operate at the Market. Each instance of violation, on a case-by-case basis, may result in additional $50 fines. Multiple violations or extreme violations can result in either temporary or permanent loss of any or all GDGFM privileges, as well as associated charges, fees, liquidated damages or other non-compliance actions. 

Indemnity Agreement: In consideration of Green Door Gourmet granting license to rent, occupy, and do business from assigned space at the GDGFM, I, the applicant, hereby indemnify and hold harmless Green Door Gourmet from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, losses, obligations, costs, charges, expenses, judgments, damages, and liabilities whatsoever (including, without limitation, reasonable fees and expenses of attorneys, expert witnesses, and other consultants), which Green Door Gourmet may sustain, suffer, or incur by reason of, in connection with, or arising out of the activities or use of Green Door Gourmet facilities by me or by my employees, family, agents, contractors, or invitees, and shall therefore assume any and all responsibility and liability. I understand that I am responsible for my own general and product liability insurance. In the event that I fail to indemnify and hold harmless as herein agreed, Green Door Gourmet shall have full rights to defend, pay or settle said claim on its behalf without notice to me and with full rights to recourse against me for all fees, costs, expenses, and payments made or agreed to be paid to discharge said claim. In the event of default, I further agree to pay all reasonable legal fees and expenses necessary to enforce this agreement. This agreement shall be unlimited as to amount and duration. 

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