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5 Simple and Unique Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins

It’s fall, y’all! We love this season for its cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and of course, pumpkins. Nothing quite says fall like some jack o’ lanterns on the doorstep, or a squash display on the Thanksgiving table. We have a variety of decorative pumpkins and gourds for your late-fall décor available at the on-farm market. We’ve put together a few simple and unique ways that you can decorate with pumpkins this season.

Pumpkins Green Door Gourmet

Jack o’ Lanterns

Any fall decor list would be incomplete without jack o’ lanterns. Pick up some large pumpkins at our on-farm market, and bring the family together for a pumpkin-carving party. Worried about sharp knives? Opt for painted pumpkins instead. Kids and adults will have fun making a front porch masterpiece.

Green Door Gourmet pumpkin
Could you even call these jack o' lanterns? They're more like sculptures! These masterpieces were crafted by Lundy Cupp.

Stackable Pumpkins

This is a simple and minimalistic, yet gorgeous, way to decorate with pumpkins. This pumpkin display looks great in the early fall through late fall. Simply find some flat pumpkins, and stack them one on top of the other for an easy fall arrangement. We have stackable pumpkins in a ton of different shades from blue to bright orange in the on-farm market. You can place these stacks on your front porch, in your entryway, or even in potted gardens to add some seasonal flair.

Festive Fall Vase

Pumpkin vases are a wonderful way to show off a fall arrangement. Collect some dried leaves, or flowers from your most recent bouquet to add some seasonal color to your home. Simply remove the top of the pumpkin, scoop out the innards, and place your arrangement in the pumpkin. If you’re placing fresh (not dried) flowers in the pumpkin, simply insert a vase with fresh water into the pumpkin and place your bouquet in the vase.

Green Door Gourmet Pumpkins

Succulent Garden

Are you a plant parent? Display your succulent collection in pumpkins this season! To do this you remove the top of the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds and pulp. Fill the pumpkin with moist (but not wet) soil and your succulents. This is a wonderful way to display your plant collection with a seasonal touch. Mix your succulents together in a large pumpkin, or find smaller gourds to display your individual plants in.

Compostable Drink Dispenser

Now here’s an idea we can get behind. This is the most festive way to serve beverages at your fall party or at a Thanksgiving dinner. From ciders to mulled wine, decorative pumpkins offer an eye-catching vessel for your favorite drink. Once you’re done with your party, simply toss the pumpkin into your compost pile.

Chef Richard uses a Lumina pumpkin as the container for his pumpkin spiced eggnog, but most large decorative pumpkins could work. Just be sure that the pumpkin can sit up on its own, and that it is large enough to hold the beverage you choose to make.


1 quart half & half

9 egg yolks

½ cup pumpkin purée

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon nutmeg

¼ teaspoon cinnamon

¼ teaspoon ground clove

1 cup sugar

¼ cup bourbon

Place yolks in blender. Scald half & half – ie: over moderate heat, heat the milk, stirring with a heat-proof spatula until beginning to steam and temperature reaches 155°F. Turn the blender on low to whisk the egg yolks, and then slowly pour the scalded milk in a thin stream (once you have a cup or so in, you can pour in faster) Add the pumpkin, sugar, bourbon and spices. Turn up the speed to thoroughly mix all ingredients. Pour into a container through a fine strainer and chill.

Cut a hole just smaller than the spigot diameter in the bottom quarter of the Lumina Pumpkin. (I used a French peeler, but you may have to be creative!) If the hole is too small, you can force the pumpkin to split, and if too big, the spigot will not fit in. Cut out a lid in the top of the pumpkin and remove all seeds & goop. (I used a zester to remove the finer strands to ensure that they do not impede the flow of eggnog once filled.) Screw in the spigot, fill it up, and set your pumpkin on top of another pumpkin as a stand on display for your guests to enjoy!

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