Burnt & Salty Sauces


Available in the following flavors:

Korean Mustard - "Bob's mustard recipe enchanted with Korean red pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce, fish sauce and, of course, gochujang. Sweeter than spicy, it is great on burgers, fried chicken, egg burritos, brats, mac & cheese, or wherever you want to add some complex, umami flavor."


Spicy Coconut Suka - "A spicy coconut vinegar. We use fermented coconut water, and infuse Thai chilis, garlic, ginger, and fish sauce. What results is a spicy, acidic, versatile ingredient for your kitchen. Perfect for coleslaw dressing, smoked/pulled pork or chicken, a pickling vinegar for cukes, fish, or shrimp, finish braised collard greens or put it on your pizza, Suka is gluten-free and all natural."


Spicy Thai-Style Chili Glaze - "Sweet heat. We add lots of Thai chilis, fresh garlic, fresh cilantro & chives to a tangy glaze. No added fillers or thickeners mean this is gluten free, VEGAN, and all natural. More spicy than sweet, douse this on chicken wings, Asian noodle salads, dip lumpia and egg rolls in it, great as a glaze for fish, toss steamed edamame in Chili Glaze and soy sauce...the possibilities are endless."


Spicy Korean Mustard - "Our flagship product on steroids with extra spicy goodness. We add 3 types of chilis to our original recipe to provide you with this heat-inducing condiment. Great on wings, meatballs, in Bloody Marys, or used to baste grilled shrimp, pork tenderloin, or chicken."

Burnt & Salty Sauces - Assorted Variety




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