Lark’s award-winning COOKIES FOR GROWN-UPS® are best described as DELICIOUSLY DIFFERENT. Made in small-batch with the finest premium ingredients (preservative-free and non-GMO), they feature a creative blend of fresh flavors that especially appeal to sophisticated tastes. Lark cookies are highly flavorful, but not overly sweet --- indulgent, yet wholesome --- “grown-up” inspiration has never tasted better!"


Available in the following varieties:

-Coconut Butter Cookies

-Mexican Chocolate Cha-Chas

-Pistachio Cherry Sable

-Russian Tea Cakes

-Salted Caramel Almond Chocolate Pearl

-Whole Grain Lady Birds (Cranberries & Chocolate)

Lark Fine Foods Cookies -Assorted Varieties




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    Friday: 9am-4pm

    Saturday: 9am-4pm

    Sunday: 9am-4pm

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