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Apples- Gala    $1.99/lb

Apples- Ginger Gold $1.99/lb

Apples- Granny Smith   $1.99/lb

Apples- Honeycrisp   $1.99/lb
Asparagus    $5.49/ea 

Avocados  $.99/ea

Arugula, Organic, 16oz Clamshell  $6.95/ea

Bananas   $1.69/lb (Comes in bunches)

Banana Peppers $2.49/lb

Beets- Gold, Organic   $1.89/lb

Beets- Red, Organic   $1.89/lb

Blueberries  $4.99/pint

Broccoli    $3.89/lb

(Out today) Brussels Sprouts     $3.89/lb

Candy Onion   $2.49/lb

Cantaloupe  $3.29/ea

Carrots, Rainbow Heirloom, Organic    $2.29/lb

Cauliflower  $2.99/head

Celery, Naturally Grown  $2.49/ea
Cherry Tomatoes, Chocolate Cherry   $3.45/pint

Cherry Tomatoes, Mixed  $3.45/pint

Cilantro    $2.25/bunch

Corn  $.65/ear
Cucumbers, GDG   $1.19/lb

Eggplant   $3.49/lb

Garlic    $7.99/lb
Ginger, Organic  $5.99/lb

Grapes- Red    $3.99/lb (sold in bags that average 2-3 lbs)
Green Beans   $2.99/lb

Green Leaf Lettuce   $3.50/pk

(Out, call for availability) Green Onions, Organic  $1.99/bunch

Jalapenos   $3.99/lb

Lemons/Limes    $3.69/lb
Mushrooms - Cremini   $4.29/lb
Mushrooms- Portabello   $5.99/lb

Mushrooms- Shiitake   $11.75/lb

Okra, GDG  $3.50/lb

Oranges   $.90/ea

Parsley   $2.50/bunch

Pattypan Squash   $1.89/lb

Peaches   $3.85/lb

Peppers, Hot & Sweet  $2.49/lb

Rainbow Bell Peppers, Naturally Grown  $5.00/lb

Red Cabbage    $2.49/lb
Red Onions    $2.29/lb
Red Potatoes, Rose Farm, Organic   $2.49/lb

Shallots    $5.99/lb

Shishito Peppers   $2.49/lb

Sweet Potatoes, Naturally Grown    $3.75/lb

Tomatoes, Field  $4.75/lb 

Tomatoes, Heirloom, Organic  $4.75/lb

Tomatoes, Assorted Salad   $5.95/qt

Watermelons, Heirloom   $7.99/ea
Watermelons, Seedless    $7.99/ea
Watermelon Radishes $  /lb

Yellow Onions    $1.99/lb
Yellow Squash   $1.89/lb

Yukon Gold Potatoes  $2.49/lb - Medium Sized

Yukon Gold Potatoes, Organic    $2.49/lb - Large Sized

Zucchini Squash  $1.89/lb




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