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Apples, Bag of Gala - $6.99 / 3 lb bag certified ogranic

Apples, Bag of Pink Ladies - $6.99 / 3 lb bag certified organic
Apples- Cameo $1.99/lb
Apples- Granny Smith    $1.99/lb

Apples - Orin $1.99/lb

Asparagus    $4.48/ea

Avocados, Naturally Grown    $1.49/lb
Beets-Chioggia (Candy Striped), Organic $3.10/lb

Beet- Gold, Organic   $3.46/lb

Beets-Red, Organic $3.10/lb

lack Plums    $3.99/lb

Broccoli $3.75/lb
Brussels Sprouts, Organic    $6.44/lb
Brussels Sprouts, Naturally Grown    $5.99/lb
Butternut Squash, Organic   $2.45/lb

Butternut Squash, Locally Grown Biodynamic, Small $1.99/lb

Cauliflower  $5.99/head
Celery, Naturally Grown    $3.49/ea
Collard Greens    $4.29/bunch
Cucumbers, Naturally Grown (USA)    $1.89/lb

Daffodil Bouquets $5/ea

Eggplant $3.49/lb

Fennel $3.99/ea
Garlic    $7.99/lb
GDG Greek Oregano    $3.00/ea
GDG Hakurai Turnips     $4.00/bunch

GDG Spicy Greens $3/bag
Ginger $5.99/lb

Grapes $3.99/lb

Green Cabbage   $2.39/lb

Green Curly Kale $3/bag

Green Leaf Lettuce    $3.50/bag

Green Onions, Organic $1.99/bunch

Greener Roots Nashville Blend Baby Greens $4.99/pk

Hydroponic Tomatoes (Local)    $3.29/lb
Jalapenos    $3.99/lb
Lemons    $3.69/lb
Melon- Cantelope, Organic    $3.29/ea
Melon- Honeydew, Organic    $3.29/ea
Mushrooms- Cremini (Local)    $4.29/lb

Mushrooms- Oyster (Local)  $14.99/lb 
Mushrooms- Shiitake (Local)    $11.75/lb

Oakleaf Head Lettuce $3/ea

Naval Oranges $.90/ea
Peaches $3.85/lb
Pearl Onions- Red    $3.25/pk
Pearl Onions- White    $3.25/pk
Pearl Onions- Yellow    $3.25/pk
Pears- Green Bartlett    $2.29/lb
Pears- Red Bartlett    $2.29/lb
Pumpkins    $4.00/ea 
Rainbow Heirloom Carrots, Organic    $2.69/lb
Rainbow Peppers, Naturally Grown    $7.99/lb
Beets-Red, Organic    $3.10/lb

Beets-Chioggia (Candy Striped) Organic $3.10/lb
Red Cabbage, Organic (USA)    $2.49/lb
Red Onions, Naturally Grown    $2.29/lb
Red Onions, Organic    $2.29/lb
Red Potatoes    $2.49/lb
Rutabaga    $2.19/lb
Shallots, Naturally Grown    $5.99/lb chk
Spaghetti Squash, Organic    $2.49/lb

Spinach $4/half lb
Spring Floral Bouquet    $10.00/ea 
Sweet Potatoes, Organic    $3.75/lb
Sweet Potatoes, Naturally Grown    $3.75/lb
White Daikon Radish, Organic    $2.25/lb
Yellow Onions, Naturally Grown    $1.99/lb
Yellow Onions, Organic    $1.99/lb

Yellow Squash $2.99/lb
Yukon Gold Potatoes, Organic    $2.49/lb - Both large & size medium, please specify preference

Yukon Gold Potatoes    $2.49/lb

Zucchini    $2.75/lb






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